Sunday, 7 June 2009

Working title: Zombie news report

Good evening.

This is Edward Simmonds. Rpeorting live from outside the White House, where a remarkable new law has just been passed by the US government. The Equal Rights for Zombies Act has been the hot topic in the press in the lead up to this moment.

It all began during the zombie outbreak of 2012, as I'm sure you will remember. When the entire earth was submerged in The Undead. All of those who suvived headed underground. It was these underground havens that determined scientists proved in 2016 that Zombies were capable of learning. And now after 50 years of turmoil and hardship, we see the first US zombie citizen Graham Blaaar cating his vote for the elections. A momentous step forward to both human and zombie alike.

Robbie Hurst 2009


Ross Sutherland said...

Hey Robbie- I liked your idea. I was trying to think of a way of adapting it around to the eulogy format.

(i know i sound like a stuck record right now, but currently we only have 2 elegiac pieces in the show: mcduck and lippincott, and we need a few more to hold the theme together.)

so, this is just me riffing on zombies- apologies if this doesnt fit with your story. I'm just chattin

zombies are a good choice for a funeral because they can't be killed ("Graham Blaaar" is an awesome name for a zombie, btw). perhaps there could be a running joke about the number of times he has been killed. it could be narrated by another zombie, from Graham's family:

"each of us were deeply saddened when Graham was cut in half by a combine harvester...the next three years were among the hardest for the family, as Graham had to drag himself along the floor. I remember him saying "guuaah. graaaah. nngggah" which nearly broke my heart (sob). I guess we should have seen it coming, but when a chap blew off Graham's head, we knew that Graham would never recover. Which made his recovery all the more remarkable. What a brave torso. He used to hug everyone, so much love to give."

oh, i degenerating into the python black knight sketch. anyway, if there was a way to make it zombie funeral, not zombie election, that would be cool.


Ross Sutherland said...
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Robbie said...

A zombie funeral! Of course!
I'll have a tinker