Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Dead That Never Lived That Never Die

Death is a curious thing. An inevitable step into an unknowable territory. The only guarantee in an otherwise unpredictable existence.
But what if death, or more to the point, staying dead was not certain?
What if you were forever forced to return to Earth, reincarnated in the body you died in, never able to reach the ultimate ease of the final relax?
Let us take a moment to remember some of the unhappy souls who have left us time and time again. To name but a few: Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and of course Charles Lee Ray, better known as the “Lakeshore Strangler”, even better known as Chucky the demonic doll.
Through the decades they have been: shot, burned, impaled, drowned, decapitated, blown up and torn apart. On occasion they have even been known to be dragged to the very depths of Hell.
But they always return.
And why?
Some say it’s because evil can never truly be destroyed. Others claim that they must just really love killing people. But I blame the writers, the directors and the producers. How many more times will these poor, defenceless mass murderers be forced to retread old ground? How many more times must they die before they can enjoy the rest that only death delivers? Maybe they will never truely die. Maybe they are cursed to return again and again, each time losing a little more dignity, each time dying for, what always seems like, the final time.
Chucky probably said it best the fifth time he died- “I'll be back, I always come back. But dying is such a bitch.”

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Ross Sutherland said...

BOOM! what a final quote:

"I'll be back. I always come back. But dying is such a bitch."

that's awesome. I think that has to find a way into the show somehow.

Would you be prepared to make it a direct eulogy to Charles Lee Ray? It would give the speech more of a central focus, rather than editorializing on the genre.

Much of my thoughts I had on here about the zombie idea also apply to this one. A series of fake-outs where the audience thinks you are describing Charles's death, only for the story to continue on...

The line "each time losing a little more dignity" is great. This for me is the key. If you could make up some even more embarrasing ways to kill Chucky, then write them in - we dont have to show fidelity to the movies themselves.

what u reckon?