Sunday, 7 June 2009

Darth Vader: Yoda's Eulogy

Here to pay our respects to late Darth Vader we are.

Enlisted for training in the ways of the force at an early age he did; against better judgement of mine. Escpecially young Vader not immune to youthful mischief. Judgement this brought him, not helped by certain disabilities. Suspect in string of obscene phone calls his heavy breathing make him. Still only just learning, mind tricks only work on weak minded much to cost of poor woman whose knee aches still.

Hard to convince image is nothing, Vader became as he grew older. Dark helmet hard make one look? Think that what made him I know not. Still chancellor seemed to like it. With that he would now show off size of light saber. Insistent he was on red one.

Darth Vader: fiery in life as in death he be. Fucked he now is. Truly and well.

James Fisher 2009

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Ross Sutherland said...

this is AWESOME.

Short, snappy & great use of the eulogy format, which we really need more of. The Yoda syntax is really interesting poetic/comedic device which you develop throughout.

My gut reaction is to not do this in the Yoda Frank Oz voice, but to deadpan it instead. I think that doing Frank Oz all the way through will trample over some of the nuance of the text, but, well, we should try it both ways.

But I am so behind this. On like Donkey Kong.