Sunday, 7 June 2009

He Never Brought Me Roses

Music and visuals:

A montage of The Milk Tray Advert

I want you dressed head to toe in black
on a soundtrack of smooth
Come to me on a gleaming steed.
Fast...but not furious.
Run, ride, swim, dive,
make me feel alive!
The deepest waters,
the roughest rapids
over the rocks
under the ice
from each impaasable cravasse
to satin clad and generous pillows
voile panels swaying in the breeze
I wait each night
centres soft and hard
but they broke the mould
And so I wait....

How did you die? Multi - media suggestions
End paraody: The Flake advert, the traditional telephone leading to Vader's obscene phonecall...?

Viv Wiggins 2009

1 comment:

Ross Sutherland said...

great viv- nice choice of corpse. great pun in the title too!

although i didn't really understand the notes at the bottom.

would you be interested in rewriting this in the eulogy style? we're still short of pieces at the top of the show that fit the funeral framework. perhaps you could work the title in as the joke at the end of the eulogy. "If he loved me, he would have brought me Roses..."

I'd like to see this taken as seriously as possible. its so fundamentally ridiculous to have a MI5 operative delivering chocolates to women that the more you position it into a real world setting, the funnier it becomes.

clearly he was misappropriating government equipment: grappling hooks, balaclavas. its a court-martial offense.

someone breaking into your house and leaving things on your bed is TERRIFYING. perhaps you had been forced to move house, change locks several times, etc.

OK, I'm just babbling now. point is, we need to anchor the POV of the texts to the funeral service as much as possible. the more stuff that does that, the less it feels like a traditional poetry reading...