Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Revising the current Dead material - suggestions from Claire, James and Viv

Hello Ross n all

We are just having a brainstorm in purgatory here - that place where the dead have not quite decided where they are going yet.

Anyway, we would like to make some suggestions about revising the current material for the show.

We think that Scrooge McDuck is a tad too long and could do with some editing - not loads, but could we look at this again to see what could be removed from the piece. This is based on feedback we had from the audience about the night in June last year. We are at risk of losing the audience if we put a piece that is too long after the length of Ghost Town.

Thinking about Ghost Town, we also think this was tiny bit long and could do with some cropping - say 30 secs or so. Also, no Citizen Kane in the footage? e.g. Rosebud - the most famous death scene in cinema? Think this should defo go in!

We think that the Grim Reaper's scythe needs serious 'blinging up' for the 22nd. Claire to sort.

It might be worth thinking about Charles Manson again and not totally removing it. The video of his poem e.g '...the truth is in your slaughter houses...' etc is particularly poignant. All it needs is some kind of intro into establishing Manson as truth twisiting itself into fiction. Also consider placing this after Autopsy, leading the newsreader's poem into news footage i.e. Manson.

Sweet as.
Ross / Panda - wot yer say? You are The Gaffers on this one.
xx Claire, Viv and The Fisher Man (a.k.a The Assassin)

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Ross Sutherland said...

Hi all

Ghost town is too long, for sure. I made the video to the length of the song, because we couldn't rehearse with the band in advance.

So, yup, definitely cut that down, because it's contentless. We can look at Scrooge together when we meet.

Citizen Kane should probably be in the show directly if we can! He's perfect.

Lets keep that Manson video out until we find ourselves in need of a bridging film. It breaks the concept of the show (as its real, not fictional death). I feel the show needs more eulogies for fictional characters, less pieces on death in general. Manson falls into the latter. Never say never, but there would have to be a string thematic link to shoehorn it back in....

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