Tuesday, 9 June 2009


liking the stuff going up here. i'll comment on each one today.

re: music

lets see how much we get done on the blog this week, but I'm not sure we will require the band until we've worked out the rest of the show.

i expect day 1 to be ideas and development, day 2 to be constructing the show and rehearsals, day 3 to be technicals and rehearsals.

so, at best, they should come in on the final day of rehearsals and then we can brief them on what we want. then they can rehearse in time for the gig itself.

so, what do we know?......

well, i think the guys should rehearse Ghost Town, but cut it a few minutes shorter. i'll edit down the video based on the new version they provide.

They should rehearse "he who would valient be"

There's the ominous intro for Mike Death

And a song of their choosing to play as the audience leaves

...that's a start!

but, regarding other songs- I think we should discuss it together as a cast when we meet on day1



Claire Morgan said...

Hi Ross

Great ideas re: music. Have just chatted to Ike from the brass section to start firming up arrangements a bit.

Am I right in thinking that you are suggesting they only come on the final day - that's 24th (Weds)?
I had suggested in an earlier blog that we could have a
'showing so far' to about 2-3 people we know on Weds. This would give us some momentum before we leave things in June and get some early doors feedback. I guess the brass section could rehearse prior to the weds and still have full tech and 'show in progress on the weds at, say, 5ish? To a handful of select people?

What do you think of this idea?


Ross Sutherland said...

yup, sure! i'm up for a small performance on the wednesday. i think it will be useful.

if that means that some parts of the music are missing or unrehearsed (because we only thought of them on the monday or the tuesday), then I'm prepared to live with that, and I'm sure the audience would understand as well.

also- if that means some scripts in hands, then I think that's fine too.

my train back south is for 7.08pm out of newcastle. i think it passes through stockton, so I can jump on it there. so 5pm is fine, but I wouldn't want to risk starting any later.

R !

Claire Morgan said...

MMM...I would check you train times if I were you and check that they stop at Thornaby /stockton. Kings X trains don't ALL go through Teesside. Most go to Darlington though, so you could probably jump a train there, but best just to check.