Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dog Eared Death audio

Here's the link for the temprorary Dog Eared Death audio.



Moxy said...

I can't get on youtube to hear anything at the moment -- my mac's got a superstrong firewall. I'd have loved to have heard it. Grrrrrrr (which is a very apt comment for Dog Eared Death). I do hope you're having fun performing it, Viv.

Viv W said...

Hi Moxy,
Not been onto this blog for a while so apologies if you thought I was ignoring you!!! I must get your e mail address off Claire. I am really enjoying the run with Dog Eared Death. At first I was scared of it and did not know how to follow your performance at The Mining Institute. However, working so hard on it I have grown to love it and it just keeps getting better! The Sept showcase was brilliant, and now in 2010 we are hoping to capture this eulogy on film as an advert for the show online! Watch this space.... I hope you are able to pick this up....if I get your e mail I could work out how to get an audio copy to you? Vivxx