Monday, 7 September 2009

The Last Big Push

Hi Guys

Hope you are all good and great progress was made at the Word Tank TDTNL rehearsal yesterday.

A few points were covered / suggested at the rehearsal:

Ross - could we have the absolute and final script emailed to us so that we are all, pardon the pun, singing from the same hymn sheet?
Speaking of which - are we happy with our original obituatires for the order of service for 30 Sept? Or if anyone wants to post a new one up just post it up on this here blog and I'll use it!!
Dog Eared Death has been recorded - this needs sending on to Ross / Nick - so Si if we send that or post on this blog/ do that asap that would great.

A custom built lecturn is being fashioned together as we speak! - Viv and I talked about using the latin for Death Never Fucking Stops - "Nex nunquam fucking subsisto" somewhere in the show, and I wandered if it might be worth subtley embossing it on the front of the lecturn? An idea?

10 Ave recording Ghost Town and He Who Would Valiant Be on the 21st.

Ross - we also thought about the performance of Scrooge McDuck and wandered how you felt about Mike's part of it being a voice over to go with the visuals to get round some of the comments of 'over-theatricalisation' that Annabel Turpin talked about in her feedback? It would also fit nicely with the cameo of Grim Reaper (i.e.not deflect from it). We've done a recording of Mike doing this section of McDuck anyway just in case you think this is an idea.

Anyway, that's enough for now.

Watch for more posts coming thick n fast.

Claire x x x

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