Monday, 18 January 2010

From Viv

Darth Vader*

Smart Funeral Attire {c/o All as per stage show plus casual clothes for off camera}
Darth Vader Helmet {c/o Robbie?}
Obi-Wan Kenobe Cloak {c/o Viv} Am currently trying to source....*
Light Sabre {c/o Viv} Am currently trying to source...**
Coffin {assume c/o Go As You Please. Claire to confirm!}
Small Child! Either of my two could do after school Fri/Sat a.m. or Abbie?
White 70's disco suit {c/o Viv £15 to hire or £25 to buy}
Afro Wig {£5 to buy - don't think hiring optional}
Medallion {Have a really cheesy Sports Medal c/o kids/anyone else got one?!}
Black TDTNL Flowers {c/o Viv}

* Obi Shawl - Need to check Dandy costume hire. At worst can get Black Velvet cloak but may as well use Mike's folded
back if that is the case. Are we filming in black and white??
** Light Sabre - have heard Asda do them but at worst everyone to keep an eye out! Will check with Mam's at school.

TDTNL Props box incl: {c/o Claire} I think these would be handy to have as 'cameo' props/on standby whatever
Cathy Wig
Milk Tray shawl
Red Rose (wooden)
Candle Stick

*Also To Do;*
Locations of Red telephone boxes?
Book restaurant for Speed Dating scene (c/o Claire)
Possible Female 'outfit' for speed date/kiss scene {Claire - are you acting this? Seems good idea}
Lighting - {Neil?}

*Dog Eared Death*
Blue Tea Dress and bow shoes {c/o Viv}
Grey Velvet Jacket {"}
Gold Star Headscarf and clip {"}
2 x teacups and saucers {")
Teapot {")
Tray {"}
Water Bowl {"} Can provide pink one but anyone got a more Doggie one?!
Candle Stick TDTNL box
Lighter {c/o Viv}
{Optional} surgical glove {c/o GAYP?}
Lipstick and Make up

*Ideas for Dog Eared Death Discussed Sat (Claire to add Notes to)

*Lighting Grainy/stylised '70's

Walk in to place as if going into work
Nod curtly to someone leaving as if taking over for shift
Keep the poem as a complete voiceover
Film the scenes separately
Hitchcock-like tension build/suspense
Preparation for a visitor
Innocence/naievety as opposed to sexual
Capture anticipation
Someone coming to visit

Viv loves this place, it is her comfort zone
She is very relaxed here.
Shots of Viv running hands along luxurious fabrics e.g velvet
and also objects relating to Funeral parlour found in GAYP
Option to wear e.g. surgical rubber glove for some/all shots?
Also place as cameos other eulogy props e.g. Cathy Wig/JCVD Hat
for her to 'covet'. These could look very incongruous with surroundings

Building 'visitor' scene:
Viv arranges black flowers in vase
Sets table for tea for two
Candle Stick {Light candle if allowed and does not affect lighting}
She bustles around, perhaps saying some lines to self
She is very proud of her imminent 'visitor'
Make up - Cut to funeral/body make up if avail from GAYP
Look like Viv is putting it on ( tho I assure you I won't be!!)
Shot of Viv with added make up on/lipstick
Shot with gold scarf/yet to be decided if wear as 'turban' like live show? {What do you all think?}
Viv looking reflective/waiting for visitor
Blow out candle/or candle to sputter as 'visitor' arrives
Capture smoke blowing in draft or noise of door opening
Never actually see visitor

As we ran out of time on Sat this is obviously up for discussion/input and also what feels right on the day given the location.