Sunday, 12 July 2009

Stan Ogden

Hey Guys

Local poet and writer Sean Kelly has been inspired by what we are doing so I thought I would post this up for our parousal!! Will be posting more Producer notes as we go. Soon. xx Here's Sean's ode to Stan and Hilda Ogden - Legends of Corrie....

The Dead That Never Lived - Stan Ogden

(tune: Jerusalem)

And did the Street in Hilda's time

Rule over England's TV screens?

And did those 20 million folk

Watch as the Rovers she did clean?

And did the Woodbine on her lip

Quiver so gently as she sang?

And was her love for her husband Stan

The greatest in all TV land?

(Although he was ignorant, and mildly abusive...)

She'd bring him plates of pie and chips

Bring him his Newton Ridleys mild

And while he drank free daily pints

She bore and rais-ed his four childs

(Tho two were taken into council care)

She ne’er did cease from cleaning work

With curlers always in her hair

'Til she did bury her dear Stan

In England's green and pleasant land

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Viv W said...

Hey! I have just has a bloody good sing along and a good chortle at the same time.

Love it.....

Could we feature it as one of those teaser/virus videos that Ross was on about doing with 'Election'?