Monday, 25 May 2009

Dates With Death

Hi Fellow Dead-Stars

The Dead do not rest - they stalk the Earth once more.

And the abosulute schedule is thus:

(NOT July as it says in the blog below)

We will be working at ARC in Stockton in June on the following dates:
Monday 22 June
Tuesday 23 June
Wednesday 24 June

All of the dates will be similar to last year (a 10am - 5pm run each day). I would like to suggest that we have a showing of work in progress to a small audience (i.e ARC team and a couple of others I'd like to suggest) to kep momentum, not go home feeling a bit bereft and, crucially, get some feedback.

We will be working at ARC again on:
Tuesday 29 Sept - full tech run
Wednesday 30 Sept - It's showcase time!! This is when venues and promoters will come to see the show, and we utilise the day to develop a tour plan from this, taking on board concerns from punters from the outset about how we go about marketing and audience development, for which I have some cunning suitably funeric ideas up my shroud sleeve! I will taking the lead on this day and will keep you updated on plans when they are developing.

It is really important all cast members can come to ALL of these dates. I'm really pleased to say that we will be having, as Ross has already mentioned, a brass section with us again (albeit a lot smaller) and Panda will be joining us again for 2 of the days in June is Assistant Director capacity.

As already said, please get your ideas up on this blog!!!!!

In memoriam


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